Does your team have the ability fabricate any materials?

We mainly cut to length, but have the ability to fabricate small jobs,in house.


Can you special order certain materials?

Yes, we work with numerous manufactures and have the ability special order items, based upon quantity and availability. 


What is your delivery radius?

We deliver regionally, around Western Kentucky, but will service parts of West Tennessee, along with Illinois and Missouri. 


Do you stock different sizes of the products listed on the website?

Yes, we stock many different sizes and have the capabilities to order more, if needed.


I have a very specific project coming up, can you help me get a detailed quote?

Of course we can, please call our team at 270-247-2971, let us know the detailed information and we can provide a quote rather quickly. 


What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday, from 7am to 4pm, CST.